Infant Packages

No matter how exhausting those first weeks feel, your newest family member will only be this small for a finite window of time. They change daily, their rolls expand and grow by the hour, their adorable fuzzy hair grows ... well, it grows in eventually! Our infant package is designed to make the most of these sweet and drooly moments.

1st Session: within 2 weeks of birth, we like to take advantage of the smallest cuddly moments your baby will ever have. This session is best done in your own home where you can both be comfortable & show off the beautiful nursery you worked so hard to set up for this little love!

2nd Session: by 3 months of age, there are so many things happening for your little one & catching those first smiles and waving hands are moments that you'll remember forever.

3rd Session: by 6 months of age, they can reach for our toys and push up on their tummies to laugh at us! This is when the sessions get really fun!

4th Session: by 9 months of age, this is our chance to catch them sitting up (if they are in the mood) and not quite ready to crawl off and enjoy the world on their own!

5th Session: One Year session. This is your baby's chance to show off all those wonderful new tricks they've learned during this first big year of life!

We encourage siblings to be present for the Newborn & One Year sessions ~ those are interactions that are absolutely priceless. In the interest of letting the baby have their own "moment in the sun" we prefer that the baby go solo for the 3, 6 and 9 month sessions.

There is no time limit on the infant sessions, we know these tiny little ones need time to eat, rest and snuggle. Rushing them does not improve their portraits!


$300 for the 5 sessions (1/3 due at each of the first 3 sessions)

This fee includes the sitting fee for every session (2 week session will include both parents & up to 2 siblings - family beyond this will be $15/person / One Year Session will include up to 2 siblings free, $15/child after that.)
your favorite 8x10 from each session
20% off portraits purchased within 30 days of each session
and a 4x6 compiled proof book of the entire year after the One Year session.

(This can be combined with the Adoption Special, that session will count as a Family Session within the purchased infant sessions. Adoptions can be accommodated in this First year special based on each family's situation, please contact to discuss.)